Earlier today Big brother twisted the game and said that there will be two head of house in this weeks game which took effect this evening.

In the cost of the game, all the housemates participated in the game.

The game has many rules and was not as usual as other games in the past weeks.

Saskay, whitemoney, Pere, Saga, Nini, Queen and the rest tried all the could to beat the highest score but yet it seems very difficult for them.

In the cost of the game, Jakie B lead the game by scoring the highest points, she was followed by Jaypaul.

At the end of the game no one else was able to beat them by point.

Finally Big brother declared Jakie B and Jaypaul the new head of the house for this week. And also told them that they have access to the executive lodge.

Biggie also makes it clear to them that they have won the immune to bypass eviction this coming Sunday.

At the same time he said “To the rest of the house mates, you are all up for possible eviction this week”

This means that there won’t be any kind of nominations by the housemates over possible eviction.

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