After the Friday night party that the bbnaija housemates regularly have, Pere and Angel where located examining about their closeness with one another. Toward the starting Pere where educating Angel about what happened between the two of them under the duvet, and Angel was attempting to deny it, then, at that point Pere blew up and said: “For what reason are you saying nothing happened, we are in a house that is being monitored, even though the fact that they didn’t see anything however something happened”

Angel stayed silent and couldn’t say anymore, This made me to accept that the two big brother naija housemates season 6 had something in common behind the camera. what are your say about this?.

Update:: According to many sources, The disclosed discussion between Pere and Angel was not really meant 7to be transferred to Angel.

They said that pere was disclosing what happened between him and Maria.

Thank you.


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