Big Brother Naija  housemates, Liquorose and Sammie, occupied with a hot trade of words over an unwashed pot that Sammie left in the kitchen.

This occurred on Friday, day 34 of the show, when the Head of House, Liquorose, faced Sammie for not washing the pot he utilized in cooking.

At the point when Liquorose faced Sammie from the get go, he stayed silent and went into the nursery. She followed him there and griped that he made her look moronic by not reacting to her objections.

“At the point when I was talking inside, for what reason did you stay silent as though no one was conversing with you?’ Liquorose inquired.

Sammie said, “What do you need me to do? Would it be a good idea for me to begin contending with you?”

Liquorose answered, “Accepting you would not like to talk, you might have recently risen up to proceed to wash the pot. Not staying silent as though I’m dumb.”

She grumbled that in the event that somebody keeps a pot grimy, someone else would think that it is hard to prepare their food.

Sammie then, at that point clarified, “The pot was messy. I conveyed it and washed it. Why not wash it since you need to utilize it?”

This prompted a hot trade of words as every individual attempted to yell over the other’s voice. Following the conflict, Liquorose became removed and Maria, Adventure, and Whitemoney attempted to quiet her down.

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